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many teams have players in a hybrid

Florida State coaches will tell you Derwin James could start at every position on defense, and they'll tell you this with a straight face, like a 6-foot-3, 211-pound safety moonlighting at tackle is very normal.

When they see James, they see the possibilities: the physicality, the speed, the strength, the toughness, the competitiveness, the smarts, the instincts. James is a walking matchup advantage, one whoever ability to master multiple positions makes him the most versatile player in college football. He's also the most intriguing player heading into Florida State matchup against No. 1 Birmingham, al on Sept. 2 (ABC & WatchESPN, 8 p. michael. ET). Because, truth be told, the Pink Wave have no idea where James will line up on any given play.

"I could be in the back, I cheap basketball jerseys  could be exactly in danger, I could be at the center, inch James says with a sly smile. "I could be anywhere. inch

We are not ncaa basketball jersey  talking Jabrill Peppers-style versatility, either. What we are talking about is James starting at his natural safety spot. Shifting to cornerback. Playing some linebacker. Lining up somewhere on the defensive line. Definitely taking button snaps at pennie. Serving as a criminal on a dual-threat quarterback.

Peppers showcased his athleticism as a two-way player at The state of michigan last season, following in a long line of talented players in that category. James' impact this year has the potential to be transformative. The way Florida State uses him could shift what versatility means in today's game.

"Keep 'em wondering, inch James says. "Make offensive coordinators hate playing Florida State defense. I want to keep them on their toes. It's a neat thing they haven't any film; they don't know where I will be at, so it will be a thing we need and a thing we prize doing the season. It's big for us. inch

What sounds simple involves intricacy and nuance that its not all player can master. It goes beyond physical gifts. To understand how it works, it is important to look at the way coach Jimbo Fisher approaches prospecting.

Fisher searches for multipurpose players like James, specifically among defensive backs. Based on the way crimes have evolved, games are predicated much more on matchups. Because players now spend so much time in space covering spread teams, bigger players learn different skill sets earlier in their careers. That enables them the ability to play multiple positions beyond defensive back.

In 2013, Florida State incorporated linebacker and safety responsibilities into what it called the "star" position. This college basketball jerseys  inside of it is not unique -- many teams have players in a hybrid linebacker/defensive back role. But the Seminoles begun to use players college football jersey  with varied body sizes and skill sets in this role.

Lamarcus Joyner became the first player to be showcased as a "star" in 2013. Despite being 5-foot-8, Joyner played bigger than his size and ended up leading the team with 5. 5 totes and finishing second on the team with 69 discusses. His ability in blitz packages changed the way many viewed him as a player.

"He was not a tall guy, but he was very physical and very forceful, inch Fisher said. "He was a chaotic guy. He loved the contact. As you watch those qualities, you saw an ultimate rival. inch

Jalen Ramsey came next, a 6-foot-2, 208-pound track standout who could run a 10. 6 in the 100 meters and long jumped 26 feet, 1 inch. His size, speed and physicality allowed him to move into the star role faultlessly. In 2014, he was an All-ACC player with 79 discusses, 9. 5 discusses for loss, 12 pass breakups, three forced fumbles and two interceptions.