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MMORPG Building on the first question

MMORPG: Building on the first question, how did the developers fare?

Chris Wilson: The poe exalted orbs team did a great job. They've all participated in a significant number of launch days now and are well prepared to take care of their particular areas of expertise during the day. We're really grateful for all of the hard work they put in.

MMORPG: How many players would you estimate took part in WftA? Do you keep tabs on concurrency?

Chris Wilson: Player concurrency between the two expansions is surprisingly close! Despite The Fall of Oriath being years longer in development and having much more marketing, War for the Atlas is rivalling its concurrency figures. With the launch of The Fall of cheap poe exalted orbs Oriath, we reached so many new players that we're really happy to have retained through to this expansion. BY here thanks, well done, more poe orbs cheap from us!